Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Tribute to Blue J.

As you know, February was Adopt-a-Rabbit month. Sadly, in February, we lost our amazing adopted Blue J. after many years in his happy home. His mom, Nancy is also an active member with the New England Anti-Vivisection Society, and made this beautiful tribute to Blue J.- how fitting, beautiful, and sadly true. Please read!!! 

You can also check out our Hug-a-Bunny press here

Our New Website

Our new website!

Come on over and check out our new website. Visit us at our website

BIG thanks for Anthony for donating his time to create us an amazing website! :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Poppy Licking

Poppy is learning to live a life without her hind legs. She can get around very well, but we have to restrict her movement due to the fracture in her back. Poppy's fracture is on the dorsal process of the vertebrae between 13 and 14. Although she has a very serious condition, Poppy is sweet, happy, and wonderful. This video shows Poppy licking her foster mom...she just can't get enough! She's a sweet and wonderful girl. Many people may have put Poppy down or may have labeled her "unadoptable." We know that Poppy deserves a chance.
 She is a true miracle.

Poppy's Journey

 Poppy has been with us almost a week and we're still piecing together the puzzle. We do not know how or when she was injured. We are trying to get Poppy into a routine that will help her live a happy and "normal" life! Despite all she has been through, Poppy is as sweet as can be! She is a big licker and loves to be around people and other animals!

 Poppy's amazing spirit could inspire anyone.

Poppy hanging out in the morning wit her new friend Jaffa.

Poppy's X-ray- the fracture is on the dorsal process of the vertebrae between l3 and l4.

Here's Poppy scooting! Poppy's wheelchair cart should be arriving this week, but we will use it slowly due to the fracture in Poppy's spine.

"Little Guy"

UPDATE: We are so sad to report that the situation with this little guy was MUCH worse than expected. As soon as Lisa picked him up out of the box, she smelled a rotting smell and saw maggots that he had left behind below him. We both immediately rushed to an emergency hospital where the doctor uncovered just what kind of shape this little guy was in. This picture was taken right after his initial exam. H...e only weighed 1.8 pounds (should be a 6 pound rabbit), had pneumonia, incredibly long nails, ear mites and crust all the way down his ear canal and over his eyelids, was dehydrated, had severely labored breathing, could not even lift his head, and in GI stasis. However, the WORST part was that he was covered in maggots, likely from being kept in a small cage (probably outdoors) where flies could easily get to him and lay eggs on him. The maggots were tiny and were all over this little guy's private area. They had infested and infected him so badly that he had infections inside his body and he became neurologically impaired. We were willing to try anything and everything to help with sweet little guy, unfortunately by the time he was found last night by a sweet family, it was too late and there was nothing we could do to save him. We peacefully let him go. THIS is the face of domestic rabbits who are released by people. THIS is the face of neglect and cruelty. You cannot lose that much weight overnight. THIS is the rabbit that is bought on a whim and when people don't want them anymore, they release them to the wild. He simply could not survive outdoors. If he hadn't been rescued by this family, he would have died outdoors- cold, wet, and sick. We are thankful that this family did NOT listen to their shelter (who does not typically have rabbits and told them to release him) and that they contacted us to help. We are deeply saddened that this little guy did not have a chance to be in a safe home where people love and cherish him, but we are happy that he knew love in the last moments he had in this life. ♥
ORIGINAL POST (from 5/2/12): We got 4 emails for surrenders just TODAY! Post-Easter is in full effect...people moving, allergic, no time...the excuses go on and on. The most heartbreaking and urgent was from a family who spotted a domestic lop rabbit in the bushes by their work. Soaking wet from the rain- this poor rabbit could hardly move. They took the rabbit home and were told by their local shelter to LET him/her go (a wh...ole other issue). Thankfully, they knew better and contacted us. It sounds like the rabbit may be injured or sick, and is likely in GI stasis. Our amazing rescuer and foster mom Lisa jumped into action and is on her way to pick up this rabbit now. We hope that with medical attention, forcefeeding, and a safe place to recover, he/she will be ok. Our rescue is always operating at capacity, but we cannot turn our backs on this rabbit. We will post more information and a picture as soon as we can. Releasing domestic rabbits is NOT a way to find them a new home- it is a death trap.

Welcome Poppy!


Take a close look at this face, read on, and you'll know exactly why rabbits aren't a good pet for kids and why we're so strict with our adoption policies. Aside from the fact that they are prey animals and scared of loud noises and fast movements, children do NOT know how to properly care for rabbits on their own. So often we see this happen, but we don't always have the opportunity to share the ...faces behind the stories...since often it's too late. Welcome Poppy to Hug-a-Bunny. Rescued just in time with her daughter Pippen from a home where they were owned by a high school student. Both are disabled and NEITHER got medical care...because the girl's parents refused to spend money on them or take them to a vet (this situation is being investigated). Thankfully, she reached out through the internet to find someone who could care for these two rabbits, which was seen by one of our foster moms. There was a third rabbit (another baby) who was "given away" before we got there. Poppy is an adult female who is paralyzed from her waist down! The x-rays we had taken just hours after rescuing her show a fracture in her spine and a missing disk! Poppy has no muscle tone in her hind legs, leading us to believe that this is not a new injury. While we may never know the true story, we are focusing on the future and making life as good as possible for Poppy. She can scoot around and has such a wonderful personality. We think that Poppy is about 2 years old, and we have no idea how long she has lived like this. Poppy's cart has already been ordered and is on it's way (she was only rescued yesterday...we move fast!) and she's getting comfortable in her new foster home. We have no doubt that Poppy will find a perfect "forever home" in time...she most definitely deserves it! Welcome to the rescue Poppy...we promise you'll never have to worry about your safety again!

Welcome Pippen!

Have you ever wondered why rabbits aren't a good pet for kids and why we're so strict with our adoption policies? Aside from the fact that they are prey animals and scared of loud noises and fast movements, children do NOT know how to properly care for rabbits on their own. So often we see this happen, but we don't always have the opportunity to share the faces behind the stories...since often it'...s too late. Welcome Pippen to Hug-a-Bunny. Rescued just in time with her mom Poppy from a home where they were owned by a high school student. Both are disabled and NEITHER got medical care...because the girl's parents refused to spend money on them or take them to a vet (this situation is being investigated). Thankfully, she reached out through the internet to find someone who could care for these two rabbits, which was seen by one of our foster moms. Pippen is a young female missing BOTH ears and half of her foot. She has no idea that she's missing a few body parts! She's spunky, sweet, and loving! We think that Pippen is about 3 months old- she has a whole life ahead of her! Welcome to the rescue Pippen...we promise you'll never have to worry again!

Congratulations Stone!

Congratulations to our amazing boy Stone on finding his "forever home" with two very special people! After waiting just under two years, Stone finally is getting the family he deserves! It just goes to show you that good things do come to those who wait! 
  We could not be happier for him! ♥
Here's Stone with his new parents Nicole & Ibrahim!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

News Channel 12!!!!!

Hug-a-Bunny Co-Founders and Co-Directors Jamie & Frannie were invited (by past adopter and News Channel 12 star Michele) to be on a segment on News Channel 12 about why people should NOT buy rabbits as Easter gifts! We hope that this segment will educate people about rabbits, care, behavior, and ADOPTION!!! Hug-a-Bunny adoptable rabbits Levi and Sky joined us on the air- they were amazing!!!! Dr. Doolen, one of our amazing vets, taped a segment to follow ours about nutrition and care. The show will be airing this weekend, 3/24 and 3/25 at 8:30 am, 11 am, 12:30 pm, 2 pm, & 4 pm. We'll also have it posted on our website soon! TUNE IN!! ♥


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our New Shirts!

Hot off the press! We have brand-new t-shirts on our Cafepress site! Visit our website at to order!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adoption Update: Ella

You may be wondering what happens to a Hug-a-Bunny Alumni after they leave our foster program and enter their new home. We often get update emails, telling us how amazing our rabbits are and how they are JUST as we described them! Ella (a beautiful Flemish Giant adopted in March 2008) originally came from a horrible abandoned farm. We called this "The Sterling Rescue of 2007" and helped many rabbits and a turkey get out of a horrible situation. Ella was adopted by an amazing family! Her mom, Stephanie, found all of the things Ella loves best, which includes sitting under her favorite table and playing with toys! It's always nice to hear updates on how amazing our former Hug-a-Bunnies are doing...and even better to SEE them! Stephanie was nice enough to send over this video of Ella. You can't help but crack up as you watch her!

After living in NYC for several years, about a year ago Stephanie, her husband, and Ella moved to California! Ella was so brave on the flight (she was in the cabin with her mom of course) and had a tough time settling in. She's definitely our farthest Hug-a-Bunny now! Stephanie recently sent us another email to update us on Ella's adventures in California.

Hi Jamie!

I wanted to give you an update on Ella. The initial few months after moving to CA were really hard on her.  We were so worried.  We eventually found an amazing vet that really helped us. We bought a place with a shared backyard and she absolutely loves it.  She's obviously getting old and slower, but it's so great to see her so happy.  I pasted a picture below of her enjoying he backyard.  Thanks again for all that you guys do for these cute little buns - they're so lucky to have you guys.


(Note: We typically do not like our rabbits going outdoors, even for playtime, but Ella's mom Stephanie has made her setup VERY safe and rabbit-friendly!)

Friday, March 9, 2012

"Animal Friends in Need" Event

Join us for an amazing event on April 16th to benefit Hug-a-Bunny and 3 other amazing rescue groups! Special guest Caroline Manzo from the Real Housewives of NJ will be there as well! It will be an amazing event with great people.

Click here for the Patch article about the event!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Website.....

SO...since 2007 (soon after we started the rescue) we've owned a domain name that we purchased to use for our future rescue website. In the 5 years since we've had the domain name, we've been pretty much consumed with rescuing rabbits and sadly the website has always been at the bottom of our "to do" list. We figured that we'd settle for our Petfinder site, which was great, but not exactly what we had envisioned. Well, due to one of our amazing, kind, and generous supporters, Anthony, we finally have the WEBSITE we've dreamed of!!!! Please visit us at to check it out!


A HUGE thanks to Anthony for donating his time and energy to help us and our rescued rabbits. We cannot thank you enough and couldn't have done it without you! 

Best Friends Newsletter

Scroll down on the most recent Best Friends Newsletter to see if you recognize a familiar face. Hint: It's a Hug-a-Bunny!!!! Look at sweet Junie in a NATIONALLY-spread e-newsletter! Way to get some press Junie!

Get Well Sprinkles!!!

Sweet Sprinkles has been an adoptable Hug-a-Bunny for as far back as we can remember! We rescued Sprinkles shortly after starting Hug-a-Bunny about 6 years ago. She was anywhere from 2-4 when we rescued her, making her an elderly lady now. She's lived in a few foster homes and has always been the best and most polite girl. It's a wonder to us how she never got adopted, but for one reason or another she was always overlooked. While she's been living with us, she's been treated like our family member and has always thought she was a queen! Sprinkles is getting a little older now and over the past few months lost sight in her right eye with some minor swelling to the eye. We've seen eyes like this before, so after seeing the vet, we opted against surgery hoping it would stay the same. However, within the last few weeks, this eye got bigger and bigger, and against our hopes, it was badly infected and filled with a fungus! Just yesterday (March 4th) Sprinkles had to go in for surgery to clear out the infection and close up the eye (with a few other stomach-turning details). Sprinkles is home and recovering well. Let's all send our best wishes to Sprinkles on a speedy recovery! After the physical recovery, Sprinkles will have to continue to learn how to maneuver with only one eye. She is definitely one tough chick!

Sprinkles recovering in her foster home tonight

Join us at the "Animal Friends in Need" Event!

Please come and join us at the "Animal Friends in Need" Event on Monday, April 16th! It will be an amazing event with great prizes- all to support 4 rescues (Hug-a-Bunny included) who help animals in need. PLEASE come join us and show your support! We cannot wait to see you there!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Welcome Mama & the Piggies!

We've never seen anything so cute before in your life. Introducing Mama & the Piggies! Poor Mama had countless babies in her lifetime- but these will be her last! She came into the county shelter with 8 others and Mama was pregnant! She gave birth just days after getting there. She is a wonderful mother and the sweetest guinea pig ever. Oh, and these babies...definitely the cutest animals we've ever seen! Luckily, we already have an adopter (one of our past adopters and foster moms) who is interested in ALL 3! What a happy ending that would be for this amazing trio. Stay tuned for updates! ♥

Congratulations Benny!!!!

A BIG congratulations to Hug-a-Bunny Benny on finding his "forever home" with the wonderful Lauren! Benny was left in a cardboard box outside one of our foster mom's homes (one reason we do not meet at our homes). He was in horrible shape and it was obvious he had endured a life without a lot of love. Luckily, Benny was a resilient boy with an amazing spirit! He gained weight immediately and quickly became one of our happiest and most laid back fosters ever! Finally, Benny has a home of his own who will cherish him forever! Congrats to Benny...enjoy living the "good life!"

Congratulations Chex!

A big congratulations to Chex (one of the "Miracle Babies") on his wonderful new home! Chex's new human brother made this card for us (with the help of his mother) to thank us for bringing Chex into their lives. We wish Chex a lifetime of happiness in his "forever home!"


Thanks to all of your support, we were able to attain another goal that we never thought possible. Yesterday, we had our 260th adoption! This was a huge accomplishment for us and we are so proud! Most importantly, we're happy for all of our 260 rabbits who have found amazing "forever homes!" Each one has touched our hearts and will remain there forever. Take a minute to browse through our "Hoppy Tails" section of our website( to see all of the amazing animals who have been lucky enough to find permanent homes! Our incredible Benny was our 260th adoption. Congratulations to Benny and all of our 260 adopted Hug-a-Bunnies!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


 Introducing...MAYA! Naming entry by Jaaini Brinckerhoff, mom of our amazing Smuckers (adopted in 2008). Maya was named after Maya Angelou-for being fearless and for the courage and perseverance she showed over her year outdoors on her own. Thank you everyone for entering the contest!
 Maya settling into her foster home

Maya will be sharing her quotes with you as often as she can. 
Today's quotes directly reflect Maya's journey!
"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned." -Maya Angelou

 "I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow." -Maya Angelou
Enjoy your new name and new life, sweet Maya! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Whole New World

Jess and the newest Hug-a-Bunny...right after being rescued

This sweet girl has been living outdoors for a year! She was abandoned by her family when they moved away a YEAR ago! Apparently, they had other rabbits and 4 cats- all who were let outdoors when they moved away and didn't want them. The cats are still in and out of the abandoned house, but all of the rabbits vanished- except one. For a whole year, which amazing girl has been living outdoors around her former (now abandoned) home and never left the property. She would go one house to the left or right, but never went farther. For a full year, she's been fending for herself. It's amazing that she survived this tough winter!

Some sweet and caring neighbors noticed that she was outdoors and wanted to do something about it. For days, they set traps with carrots inside, but she was too smart to fall for that. They reached out to us late last night and by this afternoon, we had 4 Hug-a-Bunny volunteers show up to get to work- me (Jamie), Tammie, Jessica (in picture above), and Jeri (a talented bird rescuer) all dropped everything to be there. The rabbit gave us some nice exercise to make sure we deserved to get her. We needed a few extra hands, so we asked some boys from the neighborhood to help. We all got the sweet bunny safely into one area (using my window screens, of course) and Jeri was able to get her into her net! I immediately picked her up and gave her a BIG was her lucky day! Today, she felt love for the first time in her life. Right after I hugged her, Jess took her and hugged her too- see above picture for proof! So many people seamlessly bonded together to make sure she was safe and secure. Goes to show you what a little teamwork can do! Tonight is the very first night this sweetie will be indoors in a loving, warm home. Even before she was "homeless" she was living outdoors in a shed. This truly is a rags-to-riches story. She's on the search for her "forever home," but there's a long road ahead before that happens. Let's take it one step at a time! 

Enjoy your first night of the rest of your life!!!!

Stay tuned for updates on this sweetie- and for her name! We're currently having a naming contest on Facebook to see who comes up with the perfect new name for her! 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tribute to a Wonderful Woman

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we share this news with you. Our vet and personal friend, Dr. Cheryl Welch, passed away this week on Wednesday, February 23rd, after a brave fight with cancer. Cheryl was diagnosed on January 13th, only a little over a month ago. Losing Cheryl is a great loss to our community and to the whole world. She was a true advocate for animals and loved and respected every creature. We will all miss her greatly. 

Our trusted vet, Dr. Cheryl Welch

Dr. Welch was there for Frannie and myself when we started Hug-a-Bunny back in 2006. However, even before that, Cheryl was the vet to my own bunny, Bella (hard to remember a time when I only had just 1!). I had rescued Bella as an adult rabbit from almost being fed to a snake and took her with me to college. I only knew the basics of rabbit care at that point and didn’t realize the importance of having rabbits spayed, which of course she wasn’t when I rescued her. Three years later, when Bella was around 5 or 6 years old I felt a mass in her lower stomach. Being so far away from home, I tried to find vets in Upstate, NY who I could trust. At the time, I took Bella to a nice vet up there who recommended spaying her, but told me it was a very risky surgery for rabbits. I wasn’t ready to put Bella through that. I waited a few months until I graduated and moved back home to New Jersey, where I researched rabbit surgery and knew how routine it was and that it needed to be done. I found the best vet for rabbit surgeries that I could. 

Enter Cheryl Welch- a sweet, kind, bubbly, and wonderful woman. We hit it off immediately and sensing I was nervous about Bella’s health, she took the time to make me feel comfortable- in my case, over an hour. Immediately, I knew this was the person to save Bella’s life. The following week, Cheryl spayed Bella- the whole time I waited nearby and was a nervous wreck! They sent away her uterus and ovaries for biopsies, but Dr. Welch was pretty sure it looked cancerous.  Cheryl said she thought she got it all (in case it was cancerous) but that it was one of the worst cases she’d seen. Bella recovered at home and was back to herself in about a week. Meanwhile, the results came back and we found that there was cancer all over her uterus and ovaries- all they way up onto the horns of her uterus! When I was talking to Dr. Welch on the phone about it (I was even stunned that she would call me!) she explained that Bella’s prognosis was good, since she removed everything she could see. It was from that day on that I trusted Cheryl, and I still tell anyone who will listen that she was the best surgeon I know! Just as an aside, this type of cancer is so common in unspayed female rabbits (one of the reasons we spay and neuter every rabbit we rescue).

At the same time, Frannie and I met when we were becoming therapeutic riding instructors and we realized that we were both vegetarians and that we both had a rabbit (weird) whose name started with the letter “B”- Bella and Bumbalina! Our friendship was sparked then- and soon after we started rescuing rabbits, inspired by our own two rabbits. It started with Lily, a beautiful French lop, who was going to be fed on a dinner plate when her owners no longer wanted her.  We were able to rescue Lily (informally the start of our rescue) and we took her, of course, straight to Dr. Welch, who examined her and gave her a clean bill of health. Soon after, Dr. Welch spayed Lily (at the time we paid almost $400 for the spay) and we found her a foster home and then a “forever” home! Hug-a-Bunny was born! Shortly after that, we approached Cheryl and asked her to help us start our rescue- and to be our rescue’s vet. She was so proud- and never wavered in her support for us and our organization. She helped us set up a wonderful relationship with her hospital and staff. We frequented the hospital on Mondays for surgeries, Cheryl’s surgery day, often bringing 2 rabbits at a time! She was a pro at spaying and neutering our rabbits! Amazingly, my own Bella lived 5 (yes, 5) more long years, and passed in March of 2010, all due to the life-saving surgery of Dr. Welch.

Over the past 6+ years of Hug-a-Bunny, Dr. Welch was always there for us. She spayed and neutered over 80 rabbits (on a quick count) and treated countless others.  She was an amazing champion to animals, large and small, and we never could have saved as many lives as we have without her constant support. She always welcomed us into her animal hospital and made us feel like part of your family there. She even welcomed two of our rescued Hug-a-Bunnies, Tre (who sadly passed away) and Stevie II, into her home! I spoke to Cheryl in January (the last surgery she did for us) about a rabbit she was doing surgery on, and she made it a point, in true Cheryl-style, to tell me how proud she was of us and how far we’ve come, even when she wasn’t feeling well herself. What an incredible woman.

                                  Cheryl's daughter Kyra, with their adopted Hug-a-Bunny Stevie

It's a rare thing when someone can make every client, every friend, and every animal feel special- and Dr. Welch always did that for Hug-a-Bunny and so many others. Through tough times and happy times, she was always there to support us and give us advice. We hope we can do the same for her family and her four children in the days and months to come. Cheryl’s passing has left a huge hole in our hearts, but we know that her legacy will live on. We can see it every day in the faces of all of our Hug-a-Bunnies, both past and present… as she played a part in our creation. Our thanks could never be enough for all Dr. Welch has done for us personally and for our rescue. There aren't words to express our gratitude to her. She was a truly special person and an inspiration to us all. She will be greatly missed and forever appreciated.

Jamie & Frannie
Co-Directors, Hug-a-Bunny Rabbit Rescue

For more information about Cheryl or the arrangements, please visit the following site.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hug-a-Bunny Featured on Petfinder's "Ask the Expert" Forum

This week, from February 21st- 28th, Hug-a-Bunny will be the resident expert on all things "rabbit" on Petfinder's "Ask the Expert" forum! We were asked by Petfinder to reside over the questions people might have about rabbit behavior, health, care, and anything else! Take a look when you have a moment and feel free to ask a question! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

February is Adopt-a-Rescued-Rabbit Month!

Please consider opening up your home to a rabbit in need this month (or any month for that matter)! Rabbits are such wonderful, intelligent, and affectionate animals. There are so many homeless rabbits in shelters and rescues across our country! We have 30 rabbits in our rescue right now who are looking for wonderful "forever homes!" 

Consider rescuing a rabbit...your life will never be the same! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

From One Blogger to Another

We like to keep in touch with all adopters, and occasionally we'll get some adorable photos of our past Hug-a-Bunnies in their new homes! With Leo, our toothless man, we got very lucky...his new mom is a blogger!

This attached link will take you to the blog of Leo's new mom, Anne. She and her husband Kevin were undoubtably the most amazing home Leo could find! They understand his needs and couldn't be happier to meet them! What incredible people! Hopefully, we'll be able to catch glimpses of Leo in his new home (including his chronicles with cat roommate, Pinchita) through Anne's blog! Keep up the good work, Anne!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Day to Remember!

Today was quite the amazing day for our Hug-a-Bunnies! 

We had scheduled the very first adoption for one of the Winter Babies on Valentine's Day, the very first day they could be separated from their mother at exactly 8 weeks of age! Tina had been approved to adopt Dasher, the spotted baby, from the time he was 5 weeks old! She had a countdown running until the day she met him and was coming all the way from Connecticut to come get him!

At the same time in another state, Eileen and Tom were looking for their match. They recently lost a beloved rabbit and wanted to meet a few buns to find their match. They contacted us from far away in Long Island looking for their perfect match. They hoped it was Sir and wanted to meet him, but we typically don't do "meet & greets." They were approved for adoption and were so wonderful that we made an exception this time for Sir- and we all met at the wonderful Westwood Pets in Westwood, NJ before Dasher's nighttime adoption. After just a few minutes with Sir, Eileen and Tom made the decision to add him to their family! He's such a lucky boy and now will be living the life of luxury out in Long Island! "Sir Jacob," as he is now called is one lucky bunny!

 Eileen and Sir right after he found out he was going home!

 Jamie (Hug-a-Bunny Co-Director), Eileen, and Sir

The new parents (Eileen and Tom) & handsome Sir

Sir in his new home! Congrats sweet Sir! 

Then, I was off to meet Tina so that she could finally meet her sweet baby, Dasher, who turned 8 weeks old TODAY! He was the first to be separated and was understandably shaken. No worries- Tina was all set with her carrier and LOTS of love! Tina was so patient (and even though she was in the area early) and she waited patiently so that Sir could have his special time as well. Now Eileen (who adopted Sir) and Tina have a special connection- both brought home their sons on Valentine's Day!!! Eileen even sent Tina a special note and some goodies! What wonderful ladies!!!! 

Tina was so sweet and brought a gift for me and Jessica, his foster mom. We each got this incredible mug that Tina made for us! How adorable?!?! 

 The front of the mug, Dasher's handsome face

The back of the mug, SO ADORABLE! Thanks Tina, we'll cherish these!!! 

It just goes to show you that there ARE amazing people out there. Every amazing adoption we have, we think "there can't possibly be another adopter out there like this," but each and every time we're surprised. We have had 229 amazing families adopt wonderful animals from our rescue. We feel so lucky to have such an amazing extended Hug-a-Bunny family!

After Sir and Dasher were adopted, this tallied 6 Hug-a-Bunny adoptions within the last 5 days! Add in the adoptions of the Winter sisters this coming Wednesday, and that will be 8 adoptions within 1 week! It almost seems impossible, but adopt-a-rabbit month really seems to be working! Jessie (the guinea pig), Woody, Soul, Paris, Sir, and Dasher all found homes this week, and Vixen & Dancer are next on Wednesday! We're typically lucky if we have 8 adoptions every 2 months, so this is miraculous! All we can say is, we hope this adoption streak continues!!!!! 

Today we also received a few wonderful pictures and notes from past Hug-a-Bunnies in their new homes, wishing us all a happy Valentine's Day. The most love-themed would be the amazing Pickle (formely Sundance) with his best friend and sister Emma the pug. What a cute couple! It's amazing to still keep in touch with so many former adopters! In fact, we'll be starting a column titled "News from My New Life" where we get updates on past Hug-a-Bunnies in their new homes! Feel free to send in updates of your adopted Hug-a-Bunnies! 

Pickle (formerly Sundance) and Emma

Happy Valentine's Day, Year of the Rabbit, and Adopt-a-Rabbit Month! We're so happy to have helped so many amazing animals find their "forever homes!" More to come...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Hi, Cupid here! Happy Valentine's Day from everyone here at Hug-a-Bunny to you and your furry family! I'm hoping to find my "forever home" soon, but until then I'll be shooting arrows at all of you!